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Explanation of Fonts

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Whether you're a musician or not, these fonts are a unique and useful collection with many features. If text fonts are your interest, you'll want the JazzText and JazzText Extended fonts.
  • Jazz: This is the MUSIC font. It contains all the characters needed for music notation, such as note heads, accidentals, articulations, and more. Finale users: Be sure to load the accompanying libraries into your Finale documents when using this font (Jazz Document, Jazz Articulations, Jazz Dynamics and Jazz Rehearsal Letters). All of the document information needed to use this font is in these libraries. (See the brief explanation of the libraries below). The Jazz Templates that came with the Jazz Font Set already have the libraries loaded.
  • JazzText: The selection of characters makes this font special. You can use these brackets for enclosures, such as boxes for rehearsal letters or numbers. You can also make brackets of any text expression. See the character maps for your choices of brackets and their keystrokes.
  • JazzText Extended: This font is the latest addition to the Jazz Font Set and is identical to the JazzText font, only instead of the bracket characters, in contains the extended characters that are used in text containg international letters such as:
  • JazzCord: This is the CHORD SUFFIX font. It contains characters that make up entire chord suffixes as well as the letters used to denote the chord itself. Time has been taken to piece all of the suffixes together - such as - within the characters of the font itself in order to give them a more hand written look. However, in case you desire to create your own suffixes, I have broken them down into smaller pieces . These suffixes are also intelligent in that they are fully transposable in Finale just like your own chord suffixes. You can load the libraries, Jazz Chords and Jazz Chords 2 which have all of the suffixes, or you can create your own libraries. Note that both libraries are the same except for the way the major and minor symbols are notated. In the first library, major is notated with a triangle and minor with a dash. In the second library, major is written as MA and minor is MI. Choose a library based on your preference. *TIP* Be sure to select JazzCord as your chord symbol and chord accidental font. If you don't, Finale will display the accidentals incorrectly.
  • JazzPerc: This is the most recently added font to the family of fonts. It is based on the Tamburo font that accompanies Finale. All of the characters are present, but with the look of the Jazz Font Set.

Explanation of Libraries:

(Finale Users)
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  • Jazz Allotments: This contains the note spacing ALLOTMENTS that I use.
  • Jazz Articulations: This is the ARTICULATION library. It contains items such as staccatos, accents, house tops, falls and glissandos. These characters are all contained in the Jazz font.
  • Jazz Chords: This is the CHORD SUFFIX library that goes with the Jazz Chord font. You can use this library or create your own.
  • Jazz Chords 2: This is the same as the jazzcord.lib with the exception of the major and minor notation, as explained above.
  • Jazz Document Settings: This is the most important library for use of the music font. Without it you might just see a bunch of notes, stems and flags, none of which are lined up. It also contains additional DOCUMENT information which you can change in the Options menu in Finale. This library will change many aspects of your document, some of which you may not want changed, so before loading this library, make sure you're aware of what you're changing. Basically, everything under the Options menu is affected. To load this library: Go to File/Open Library and go to the path where jazzdoc.lib is located, select jazzdoc.lib and click OK. This will load in the settings for stem connections and just about everything else under the Options menu in Finale. (All other libraries are loaded the same way.
  • Jazz Dynamics: This TEXT EXPRESSION library contains dynamics such as mezzo-forte (mf) and double-piano (pp). This was created so that you don't have to go find the characters when creating your own library. Also included are three different sizes of crescendos and decrescendos.
  • Jazz Measure Rests: This is a SHAPES library which contains a multi-measure rest shape that I like to use. You may want to use your own shape.
  • Jazz Rehearsal Letters: This is a rehearsal letter library. It contains rehearsal letters from A to Z, all of which are enclosed in a box. This is a TEXT EXPRESSION library.
  • Jazz Repeats: This contains all of the TEXT REPEATS, such as D.S. al coda, etc. These expressions are complete with brackets.

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